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Nothing spoils a moment like pulling out your phone to take a picture. Suddenly everyone's eyes dart to the phone and even the most veteran photo subjects become a bit awkward.

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Thomas Hurst has had to navigate this phenomenon for his job as a photojournalist , but now he has a simple, elegant solution. With Covr, you can shoot photos without raising your phone and giving away that you're using the camera.

The Spy Case For iPhone By Totallee Review

Some people might be offended by the secrecy that Covr provides, but Hurst says the device isn't intended to be voyeuristic. He just wants people to be able to capture better photos fluidly and easily.


Meet: The Spy | A Transparent and Thin iPhone Case

Street photographers are clearly part of the intended audience, and several well-known shooters, including Richard Koci Hernandez are already testing prototypes. Hurst could have designed Covr as an add-on lens but went with a case because he wanted something that was always on users' phones.

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If users don't want to use the prism, they can slide it down and the regular camera is unobstructed. The prism doesn't affect the iPhone camera's standard focal length, and Hurst went with high-end glass so as to not diminish the picture quality.

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The only knock against the device is that the prism sticks up off the case a bit when it's not in use. We asked The App Analyst to look at a sample of apps that Glassbox had listed on its website as customers.

Using Charles Proxy, a man-in-the-middle tool used to intercept the data sent from each app, the researcher could examine what data was going out of the device. We asked all of the companies to point us to exactly where in its privacy policies it permits each app to capture what a user does on their phone. However, Air Canada does not—and cannot—capture phone screens outside of the Air Canada app.

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Glassbox is one of many session replay services on the market.