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Scroll down and tap Location Services. Tap Don't Allow Changes.

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Find My iPhone still won't work if the phone is off or in Airplane Mode. Find your child's phone. Click your child's phone. Wait for the results to appear. You can also use the built-in Find My iPhone app on your iPhone by opening the app, signing in with your Apple ID or your child's Apple ID if it's different , and tapping the phone in question. Type in find my device.

Doing so will prompt a drop-down list of results.

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Tap Find My Device. It's at the top of the list of results. You'll find this green button on the far-right side of the Find My Device page. Doing so will download Find My Device onto your child's Android.

3 Ways Parents Can Track Children’s GPS Location Anytime, Anywhere for Their Safety - TiSPY

Open Find My Device. It's a green button in the middle of the screen.

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Enter your child's Google account information. This may include their email address and password, though you may just need to enter the password or select their account from a list if they're already logged into their Google account. Apple's logically titled "Find My iPhone" requires the app to be installed on your kid's phone.

As long as you have access to the Apple account and password information, you can locate the device quickly. Turn the feature on your kid's phone by tapping "Settings" and then "iCloud. Flip the switch to the right to activate the feature. Go online to www. Click on the "Find My iPhone" radar icon. In a few seconds, all Apple devices with the app that are turned on and connected to iCloud will appear on a map, indicated by colored pushtack icons.

By clicking on the bubble that appears over the icon, you can locate the phone down to the street level. Although this is not percent precise, the app will get you to within a few hundred feet of the actual device location. Android's answer to finding lost phones or phone users is Where's My Droid. A neat feature of this app is that you don't need to be using another Android phone to find your child's device.

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You then receive map coordinates, a Google Maps link and the nearest address to the Android device. Receive an SOS-signal from a child When a child is in danger and can not call you. You will get the exact location and the child's phone will begin to record its surroundings activities. See mobile apps usage statistics To find out how much time a child spends on the phone during the day.

Download the app on your phone. Confirm the access to your child's device and use all the features of the service. Your child does not have a phone, but you always want to be in touch with him? It is very simple!

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